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Viking Horns Drinking Horns & Tankards

Party like a Viking with your very own drinking horn or tankard! These make great gifts too, especially for those who love renaissance fairs.

Whether you're wanting to celebrate your Scandinavian heritage, gather with friends and watch the tv series "Vikings", or get ready for the latest renfest or medieval re-enactment event, we've got the perfect drinking horn for you! Perhaps you want to stand out in a crowd at that next party, event or ballgame? Bring a Viking drinking horn and you'll be sure to be the "talk of the party". Great additions for any collector of medieval or Nordic items, too.

What exactly is a Viking drinking horn? A drinking horn is a drinking vessel carved from the horn, usually of a bovid (cattle) or goat. Drinking vessels made from glass, ceramics or metal styled in the shape of drinking horns are known as "rhyton". Drinking horns have been used for ceremonial purposes throughout the Middle Ages, particularly in Germanic Europe, and also in traditions of the Caucasus. Most often used by upper class members of society, these carved drinking horns are polished smooth and then often fitted with decorative metal trim at the tip and mouth of the horn.

Our Viking Drinking horns follow the same traditional style-being smooth and polished, some with metal banding on the tip and rim to add a decorative flair. We also have drinking tankards for those who like to drink their favorite brew from a more traditional shape while still retaining that unique flair of a crafted horn mug. These tankards are carved from cow horn and have a wooden bottom. Each drinking horn is unique, like the horn it's crafted from. Differences in color, shape & size of the horn used to sculpt the vessel affect the look of the final product, making your Viking drinking horn uniquely yours.

Our horn tankards are available in pint and half pint sizes!

Caring For Your Viking Drinking Horn

These drinking horns are durable, sturdy vessels. Caring for them is as easy as caring for any quality ceramic mug. Wash using warm soapy water - never put them in the dishwasher. Store them in a dry place when not in use.
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