Lemon Shandy Beer Glass | PERSONALIZABLE German Radler Pint Glass Willie Becher


This is the traditional German pint glass known as a “Willi Becher” and recognized by it’s unique shape….conical to 2/3 up then it curves towards the top rim.

Perfect for 20 ounces of German lager or shandy and radler.

Shandys are typically found in England and Ireland and the German equivalent is a Radler….both are lagers mixed with lemonade or lemon-lime soda.

My recipe is one 12 oz bottle of Harp Irish Lager poured into the glass and then topped off with 7-Up. Sprite works but not as well. 7-Up is little sweeter and I think balances with the beer better.
Or you can use lemonade, limeade. Experiment with it…..have fun and make own recipe or if you have a recipe already, please share it in the review after you order

You know what would make this glass even better?? Letting us engrave it with your name or custom text!

I have been engraving beer glasses 2005 and my laser etching process ensures your name, text, logo is permanently etched and beautifully detailed into the glass.
Being 100% dishwasher safe, your custom text will never wear or fade away.

Height: 6 7/8″
Top Diameter: 3″
Bottom Diameter: 2 1/8″
Maximum Diameter: 3 1/4″

Engraved and shipped from Texas
Made in USA

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