Imperial Pint No-Nik Nonic Beer Glass 20 ounces | PERSONALIZABLE


Stylish and classic shape to this 20 ounce glass.
Versatile and functional for a variety of beer styles and is typically used for English styles like ESB, brown ales and even English porters.
Being 20 ounces, this glass is known as an Imperial Pint Glass

You know what would even make this glass even more imperial??
Letting us engrave this glass with your name or custom text!

I have been engraving beer glasses since 2005 and my laser etching process ensures your name, text, logo is permanently etched and beautifully detailed into the glass.
Being 100% dishwasher safe, your custom text will never wear or fade away.

Height: 6″
Top Diameter: 3 3/8″
Bottom Diameter: 2 5/8″
Maximum Diameter: 3 1/2″

Engraved and shipped from Texas
Made in USA

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